Description: Energy Beam 04.

Description: Ambience Crystal Palace Ambience. High Ambient Tonal Drone That Modulates Up And Down. Ambience Crystal Palace Ambience.

Description: Ambience Mad Scientist Laboratory. Ambience Mad Scientist Laboratory Many Rumbles, Bubbles and Gurgles With The Metal Movement Squeaks.

Description: Whale Calls; Eerie Double Pitched, With Reverb.

Description: Narrow Wind Tunnel Ambience Tunnel, Narrow, Wind.

Description: Synth Comet Whoosh By, Left To Right.

Description: Ambience Nuclear Reactor Core Ambience. Very Low Rumble and Moan From A Power Plant or Ambience Nuclear Reactor Core Ambience.

Description: Mirror reverberate ringing, low echoing groans.

Description: Forest at Night heavy shuttering with eerie whispers Heavy Sub Energy.

Description: Eerie reverberating hums. Hum Web Efx, Hum.

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