Description: Fireworks; Fireworks & Skyrockets with Reverb From Buildings; ( 2 ) Fuse Burning.

Description: Fourth Of July Fireworks Demonstration With Crowd. [special Mix].

Description: Fireworks Sparkler Sizzle, Cu Perspective, W Torch Bys.

Description: Bottle Rocket 1; Piccolo Whistle And Large Burst. [special Mix].

Description: Bottle Rocket Launches, W Whistle And Explosions, From Various Distances.

Description: Fireworks; Sparse Compared To Track 1003-25. Firecrackers, Whistlers, Rockets Launch And Big Booms From Various Places Close To Very Distant. Echo And Reverberation From Tall Buildings, Lots Of.

Description: Bottle Rocket 3; Piccolo Whistle And Large Burst, Distant Perspective. [special Mix].

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