Description: Duomo Cathedral - Florence, Italy - Close Up Bell Rings Noon, with Bells In Distance Leading In & Out.

Description: Cathedral Bell Tower 1; 1.5 Tonne Bell Starts, Tolls, Is Joined By 2.5 Tonne Bell - Both Toll Constant, Then Slow And Stop, Interior Bell Tower, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague.

Description: Monastery Bells Ring Out; Many Harsh Brass Bells Ring Out, No Start But End, From Open Window Perspective So Some Very Light Interior Background Movement At End.

Description: Cathedral Bell Tower 2; 1 / 2 Tonne Bell Starts, Tolls, Joined By I.5 Tonne Bell, Then 2.5 Tonne Bell Then 16.5 Tonne Bell, Constant Then Slow And Stop, Perspective Closer To 16.5 Tonne At End.

Description: Bell Tower, 16.5 Tonne Bell; 2nd Largest Bell In World Start, Constant And Stop With 1.5 Tonne Bell In Distance At End.

Description: Cathedral Bells Ring Out; Cathedral Bells Ring Out Across Traffic Free City, Some Birds, Light Market Activity Occaisionaly In Background More Prominent At End.

Description: Bells; Musical Clock In Park Plays Mary Had A Little Lamb Medium Perspective. Chimes Change Timbre And Modulate As They Repeat. Adults And Children Walla, Footsteps, And Movement Medium.

Description: Church Bells Ring Out; Church Bells Start, Ring Out Constant Then Stop, River In Background,.

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