Description: Bells; Church; Church Bells Pealing. Wedding Type.

Description: Clock Tower Striking Midnight With City Ambience.

Description: Bells; Big Ben; Big Ben Chimes And Strikes 12.

Description: Church Bell 2, Large, D3; Single Large Church Bell Tolls, Medium Perspective.

Description: Church Bell 5, Medium, F#3; Single Medium Church Bell Strikes 12, Medium Perspective.

Description: City Church Bells; Low-pitched, Distant Bell Tolls Nine Times With Ring Out. Classic Clock Tower Chime. Light Traffic Ambience, Medium Roar.

Description: Bell Tower, Single Low-pitched Bell Toll Close With Long Ring-off. Classic Clock Tower Chime.

Description: Clock Tower Striking Midnight With Crickets And Dog Bark In Background.

Description: Church Bell 3, Large, D#3, Soft; Single Large Church Strikes 12 Softly, Medium Perspective.

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