Description: New England Church Bell - Three Close Up Rings- Bells.

Description: St. Paul's School Bell - Rings Three-quarter Hour- Clock Tower.

Description: Church Bells; Short Musical Song, Through Open Window.

Description: Church Bells Ring Out; Church Bells Start, Ring Out Constant Then Stop, River In Background,.

Description: Church Bell Rings Out; Medium Sized Single Church Bell Starts, Rings Out Then Stops In Rural Area, Some Birdsong And Wind In Trees.

Description: Cathedral Bell Tower 2; 1 / 2 Tonne Bell Starts, Tolls, Joined By I.5 Tonne Bell, Then 2.5 Tonne Bell Then 16.5 Tonne Bell, Constant Then Slow And Stop, Perspective Closer To 16.5 Tonne At End.

Description: Bells; Monastery; Single Monastery Bell Tolling With Light Background Birds.

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