Description: Rain starts out light then gets heavier with dripping. Weather, Rain Storm.

Description: Steady rain falls while winds gust. Weather, Rain Gust, Rain.

Description: Thunder rumbles over light rain as birds chirp in background. Rain, Thunderstorm Storm Weather, Thunderstorm.

Description: Steady rain falls with light thunder. Weather, Thunderstorm Rain, Thunder Thunder.

Description: Heavy rain pours with wind gusts. Rain, Wind Wind, Gusts Storm.

Description: Heavy rain falls on porch. Weather, Rain.

Description: Steady rain falls. Weather, Rain Shower, Rain Drips, Rain.

Description: Rain falls lightly on porch. Weather, Rain Drips, Rain.

Description: Heavier rain falls while light winds blow. Weather, Rain Storm, Light Storm.

Description: Heavy rain falls with loud dripping sounds. Weather, Rain Drips, Rain Storm.

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