Description: Storm lashing windows, increasing rain, wind and some thunder and distant people shouting.

Description: Storm from indoors, rain on windows, gusting wind and occasional thunder.

Description: Tropical rain and high gusty wind with distant thunder.

Description: City storm with heavy rain, traffic, thunder, distant church bell and good wet traffic.

Description: Thunderstorm, Exterior. Thunder Rolls Medium To Distant With Close Rain On Pavement, Increasingly Hard. A Few Very Distant Car Honks.

Description: Light rain shower on leaves, stop & starts with varying intensity; some birds ( Connecticut, May ) normal speed.

Description: Medium Heavy Tropical Rainforest Rain On Sheet Metal Roof - Int Pov.

Description: Rain; Medium, Splatty, Fall On Asphalt From Roof Of House.

Description: Rain; Medium, With Distant Traffic.

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