Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS RURAL ENGLAND: July, pigeons, blackbirds, jackdaws, roosters, movement.

Description: Swamp Ambience 1; Large Chorus Of High And Low Pitched Frogs Croak, Close Perspective. Insects Chirp, Medium Distant Perspective; Active.

Description: Ocean surf crashes on rocks. Waves, Beach Surf, Ocean Splash.

Description: Harbor Ambience; Water Lap Medium Perspective Ferry In From Distant To Dock Close. Deep Engine Revs As Ferry Maneuvers To Dock, Then Idle. Bow Wash On Approach.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS RURAL NEW YORK: July dawn, very populous bird songs, low level wind background.

Description: ANIMALS-BIRD BGS RURAL ENGLAND: April dawn,, many song birds, intermittent close & shrill bird song, distant cow bellows, Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire.

Description: Ambiance, Tonal Fog & Horn; Mixed Tones Rise & Fall Through Fog with Light Intermittent Low Moaning Fog Horns Beginning And Ending with Textured Air And Ending with Hint Of Final Horn.

Description: Birds; Early Evening Woodland Birds.

Description: Night Time Southern Birds And Insects.

Description: California Birds And Insects - Mid Day.

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