Description: Mountain Ambience With Medium Perspective Bird Song And Light Wind Rustling Leaves.

Description: Swamp Ambience 2 [special Mix]; Light Chorus Of Frogs Croak, Distant Perspective, With Insects Lazy Chirps, Medium Distant Perspective.

Description: Horn, Ship & Fog; 10 Melodious, Ambient, Reverberant Toots That Sound Somewhere Between A Ship's Horn And A Fog Horn With Some Stylized Water Lap And Bird Call Between Toots.

Description: Finch, House Chirps. Musical Chirps With Birds Chirping The Background. Medium Perspective.

Description: Early Morning Birds, Occasional Sheep In Distance.

Description: Country Atmosphere; Country Atmosphere. Busy Mixed Bird Calls And Light Insect Sizzle With Occasional Sheep, Cattle And Herders Shouts.

Description: Siskin, Pine Chirps. Cheerful, High-pitched Chirps In Foreground Along With Other Birds In The Medium And Distant Background. Medium Perspective.

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