Description: COCKFIGHT: INT: Male walla, shouting, cheering, San Augustin, Colombia.

Description: ANIMAL MARKET: EXT: Distant Spanish walla, close goat bleats & screams, baby cries, Riobamba, Ecuador.

Description: Jamaican Males Street Walla Medium Perspective. More Active, Excited Walla And Wider Perspective Than Track 1001-12. Traffic Roar Distant With A Few Medium Bys. Some Female And Child Walla Medium.

Description: Foreign Town; Spanish Square Atmosphere. Children Playing, Vehicles Passing, Footsteps Of Occasional Passer By And Dog Barks Now And Then.

Description: Market; Arabic; Arab Street Market Atmosphere. Shouts From Traders, Background Music In Parts And Crowd Chatter.

Description: Chinatown Sidewalk Market Ambience With Close To Distant Walla And Close Plastic Bag Rustle. Cart Rattle, Butcher Chops Fish In Background.

Description: Foreign Town; Brazilian Square Atmosphere. Close Shot Children At Play, Occasional Vehicle, Mid Shot Banging And Hammering From Time To Time And Female Adult.

Description: Rome, Italy - Piazza De Spa*a Day Atmosphere - Medium Distant Traffic, Kids Playing Soccer, Spoken & Shouted Italian- Ambience, European.

Description: Abu-sir, Egypt - Bedouin Village Early Morning Atmosphere - Multiple Calls To Prayer, Chanting with Crude Amplification- Ambience, Middle East.

Description: Kathmandu, Nepal - Small Urban Neighborhood Day Atmosphere - Spoken Hindi & Tibetan, Busy Bicycle Bells- Ambience, Asian.

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