Description: Market; Afghan; Afghan Market Atmosphere. Medium Sized Mobile Crowd With Light Sparrows.

Description: Market; Arabic; Arabic Market Atmosphere. Light Chatter, Some Traders Shouts And Vehicle Horn Toots As Per Trying To Get Through Crowd.

Description: Argue; Could Be Spanish-italian Couple Yelling At Each Other, From Next Room.

Description: Walk Through Israeli Market Place, Merchant Walla, Shoppers.

Description: Afghan Men Interior Busy Chatter With Occasional Short Lapses Of Silence, Then Laughter Towards End.

Description: Interior Group Of Arabic Men Low Murmuring, Lapsing Into Whispers.

Description: Arabic Walla With Pointed Lines And Laughter.

Description: Israeli Market Place, Kids And Sales Man, Merchant Foley.

Description: Walk Through Israeli Market Place, Hebrew And Arabic Merchant And Shopper Walla, No Cars.

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