Description: Kathmandu, Nepal - Small Urban Neighborhood Day Atmosphere - Spoken Hindi & Tibetan, Busy Bicycle Bells- Ambience, Asian.

Description: Cafe; French; French Cafe Chatter. Mainly Men With Light Activity And Crockery Onto Tables.

Description: Cafe; Belgian; Belgian Cafe Atmosphere. Light Chatter From Two Or Three People With Off Screen Traffic Background. Slightly Echoed, Then Just Quiet Off Screen Traffic.

Description: Jamaican Males Street Walla Medium Perspective. More Active, Excited Walla And Wider Perspective Than Track 1001-12. Traffic Roar Distant With A Few Medium Bys. Some Female And Child Walla Medium.

Description: Large Chinese Restaurant Buzz. Maxims Hong Kong.

Description: African Natives Singing / Chanting.

Description: Italian And American Women Chatter.

Description: Broto Spanish Crowd Cheer and Applaud, Balloon Take Off.

Description: Broto Spanish Crowd Ambience, Winds Of Spain.

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