Description: Abu-sir, Egypt - Bedouin Village Early Morning Atmosphere - Multiple Calls To Prayer, Chanting with Crude Amplification- Ambience, Middle East.

Description: Rome, Italy - Piazza De Spa*a Day Atmosphere - Medium Distant Traffic, Kids Playing Soccer, Spoken & Shouted Italian- Ambience, European.

Description: Foreign Town; Brazilian Square Atmosphere. Close Shot Children At Play, Occasional Vehicle, Mid Shot Banging And Hammering From Time To Time And Female Adult.

Description: Israeli Market Place, Kids And Sales Man, Merchant Foley.

Description: Walk Through Israeli Market Place, Hebrew And Arabic Merchant And Shopper Walla, No Cars.

Description: Spanish Fish Auction Atmosphere With Auctioneers Voice Over P. A.

Description: Crowd Japanese Yelling Sort Of Bonzai Like.

Description: CROWD - FOREIGN PLAYGROUND: EXT: Spanish speaking children in playground, mother speaks occasionally, low level city drone. .

Description: CROWD - FOREIGN AFRICA: MASAI: Distant chanting, goat bells, goats, cattle bellows, medium wind background Masai settlement.

Description: Ladies Talk With Strange Dialect Tienda.

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