Description: School Classroom: Spanish Students Learn English.

Description: Troop Activity: ( Foreign ) Vietnamese Men Talk To Each Other In Jungle. Birds And Distant Planes In Background. Stereo.

Description: Market Ambience: Busy Spanish Market Walla.

Description: Crowd Japanese Yelling Sort Of Bonzai Like.

Description: Ladies Talk With Strange Dialect Tienda.

Description: African Natives Singing / Chanting.

Description: Italian And American Women Chatter.

Description: OPEN AIR MARKET: EXT: Distant & close up walla, birds in background, Kibuye, Rwanda.

Description: CROWD - FOREIGN AFRICA: MASAI: Cattle bells, herd passes by, wind background. Masai settlement.

Description: Broto Spanish Crowd Cheer and Applaud, Balloon Take Off.

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