Description: Shipping port unloads and loads containers. Diesel trucks drive up and off ramp. Harbor Ambience Trucks, Diesel.

Description: Laundromat Ambience; Hum And Whirr Of Washers And Dryers. Medium Walla Light And Sparse, Movement Clunks Of Doors Open And Close, Wind-ups And Wind Downs Of Machines. Insert Coins ( Index 02, 1; 43.

Description: CENTRAL PARK AMBIENCE: EXT: Sparse crowd chatter, footsteps, distant birds, distant children shouts.

Description: New York Street Vendor Sells Cheap Jewelry, Close Perspective. Humorous Patter. Medium Pedestrian Walla, A Few Women Ask, How Much Are They? .

Description: Department Store Ambience, Busy; People Walking And Talking, Paging Bell Dings, Phone Rings General Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Low Angle Crowd Footsteps And Walla In Congested Exterior Walkway. Walla Roar Close To Distant With Cart Roll By, And Small Boy Yells Medium Distant Near End. Sparse Distant Horn Honks Are The Onl.

Description: Joggers By Right To Left Close On Dirt Or Track. Singles And Small Groups. Some With Keys Jingling Or Walla On By. Distant Traffic Roar, Wind In Trees.

Description: Department Store Ambience, Light Activity; People Mill Around And Talk With General Movement, Store Bell Dings; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: City Street 03, Light Activity, Wide Perspective City; Street With Distant Bell At Front, Light Walla, Horses Hooves On Cobbled Stone, Occaisional Whinnies And Shouts Etc.

Description: Shopping Mall, Interior; Large Crowd Milling And Murmur In Middle Section Of Mall With Wide Natural Reverb; Medium Distant Perspective.

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