Description: Dishwasher; Door 1; Dishwasher Door Sliding Into Close Position. Close Perspective Kitchen, Restaurant.

Description: Hanging Sequence, 2 Versions; Trapdoor Lever Releases Trapdoor, Body Falls, Rope Tenses; Version 1 With Swinging Rope; Version 2 Faster, No Swinging Rope.

Description: Laundromat Loop, General Ambience.

Description: Dishwasher; Door 3; Door Opens, Dish Rail Is Pulled Out Causing Several Glass Movements. Close Perspective Kitchen, Restaurant.

Description: Orchestral Audience General Ambience, Some Violin.

Description: Stock Exchange Crowd Ambience.

Description: Dishwasher; Door 2; Dishwasher Open And Close With Dish Movement. Medium Close Perspective. Kitchen, Restaurant.

Description: Crowd Loop, Talking, Outdoor, Medium Crowd.

Description: Dishwasher; Dishes Being Loaded; Dishes Clanking Against One Another. Close Perspective. Kitchen, Restaurant.

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