Description: Wizard's Cave Ambience; Very Deep Eerie Ambience With Strange Metallic Rumbles, Deep Firey Surges And Weird Tuneful 'voices' And 'whistles.

Description: Water laps on dock with seagulls in background. Dock, River Water, Lapping Harbor Ambience.

Description: Courtroom Or Church; Large Mixed Crowd Murmurs Very Quietly In Large Wide Hall; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: City Street 02, Light Activity; City Street With Distant Bell At Front, Walla, Horses Hooves On Cobbled Stone, Whinnies, Shouts Etc.

Description: Witches Cave Drips; Dripping Water In Cave, Recording From 'witches Cave' In Wookey Hole, England.

Description: Outdoor Market Or Fair, Busy; People Mill Around And Talk With General Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: New York Street Vendor Sells Cheap Jewelry, Close Perspective. Humorous Patter. Medium Pedestrian Walla, A Few Women Ask, How Much Are They? .

Description: Witches Cave Ambience With Drips; Combined Tracks 56 And 57.

Description: Low Angle Crowd Footsteps And Walla In Congested Exterior Walkway. Walla Roar Close To Distant With Cart Roll By, And Small Boy Yells Medium Distant Near End. Sparse Distant Horn Honks Are The Onl.

Description: CAVES & TUNNELS DRIPS: Drippy, echoey.

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