Description: Sewer Ambience - Streaming Water Or Underground Sewer Ambience.

Description: Wizard's Cave With Drips; Combined Tracks 59 And 60.

Description: City Street 03, Light Activity, Wide Perspective City; Street With Distant Bell At Front, Light Walla, Horses Hooves On Cobbled Stone, Occaisional Whinnies And Shouts Etc.

Description: Large Bank Or Government Building Interior Next To Service Counter. Close Computer Printer Is Louder Than Track 1010-21. Some Close Walla Man Says Next? To People In Line. Phone Rings Movement,.

Description: Laundromat Ambience; Hum And Whirr Of Washers And Dryers. Medium Walla Light And Sparse, Movement Clunks Of Doors Open And Close, Wind-ups And Wind Downs Of Machines. Insert Coins ( Index 02, 1; 43.

Description: Joggers By On Asphalt Medium Close, Some Walla Key Jingle On Bys. Mostly Singles. Wind In Trees, Distant Traffic Roar, Truck Rev.

Description: Joggers By Right To Left Close On Dirt Or Track. Singles And Small Groups. Some With Keys Jingling Or Walla On By. Distant Traffic Roar, Wind In Trees.

Description: Street Vendor At Outdoor Mall; One Dollar Here One Dollar... Close Perspective. Crowd Walla And Footsteps Close To Distant, Busier Than Track 1002-10.

Description: Beach Ambience - Boardwalk Walla.

Description: Shopping Mall - Busy With Some Close Up Activity.

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