Description: Civil War Troop: Angry Yells; Series Of Commander Orders To Troop And Troop Response. Foot Charge With Soldiers Yells At End. Medium Close Perspective. Battle.

Description: Courtroom Or Church; Large Mixed Crowd Murmurs Very Quietly In Large Wide Hall; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: City Street 02, Light Activity; City Street With Distant Bell At Front, Walla, Horses Hooves On Cobbled Stone, Whinnies, Shouts Etc.

Description: Sewer Cave Drops Underground Water Drips Bubble.

Description: Witches Cave Drips; Dripping Water In Cave, Recording From 'witches Cave' In Wookey Hole, England.

Description: CAVES & TUNNELS DRIPS: Dripping grotto, echoey, distant water drops.

Description: City Street 04, Hooves And Walla; City Street With Busy Hooves On Cobbled Surface And Active Walla.

Description: Outdoor Market Or Fair, Busy; People Mill Around And Talk With General Movement; Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Horses; Period Town Atmosphere; Period Town Atmosphere. People, Horses, Carriages Etc.

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