Description: Exterior Mixed Crowd Chatter.

Description: Tunnel Ambience, W Low Drone Reverberation From Distant Airplane.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS PET SHOP: Parrots and budgies.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS POST OFFICE: Lady calls next at end, Rockefellar Center, New York City.

Description: Shipping port unloads and loads containers. Diesel trucks drive up and off ramp. Harbor Ambience Trucks, Diesel.

Description: Beach Ambience - Boardwalk Walla.

Description: Battle Scene with Distant Bugle And Drums; Begins With Very Distant Snare Drum Cadence And Bugle Call. Distant Commander Yells, ”fire” Followed By A Few Close Up Cannon Blasts. Command To Fire Is Given Again This Time Followed By An Extremely Intense Barra.

Description: CAVES & TUNNELS DRIPS: Heavy water drips, close-up drips.

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