Description: Coffee Shop; Busy Restaurant Crowd Chatter With Dish Clatter, Cash Register Ring, Griddle Frying And Movement; Medium Perspective.

Description: Fast Food Restaurant; Large Mixed Crowd Busy Milling, Activity And Voices With Some Plastic ware Movement; Medium Distant Perspective.

Description: French Restaurant; Medium Crowd Voices Converse In A Subdued Manner With Light Activity, Audible Traffic Outside; Close To Medium Perspective.

Description: Rome, Italy - Bernini Coffee Shop Int - Heavy Porcelain Cup & Plate Movement, Spoken Italian, Occasional Ext Horn- Ambience, European.

Description: Restaurant Walla; Close Adult Walla In Large Busy Room. Hard Surfaced Live Room, Loud. Background Dish And Silverware Clatter, Cash Register Dings.

Description: Restaurant Walla; Wide Version Of Track 1010-01. Adult Busy Walla Medium To Distant In Loud Hard Surfaced Room. Busy, With Dish And Glass Clinks And Silverware Rattle Closer Than Previous.

Description: Restaurant Walla; Small Coffee Shop Medium Busy With Two Close Women Walla, Laughs, And General Male Walla Medium. Silverware And Dish Movement Close To Distant.

Description: Restaurant Walla; Small Coffee Shop, Not Busy. Light Medium Walla, Cook Calls Order, Close Waiter Yells, Pick Up! Light Dish And Silver Movement, Close Set Downs. Fairly Heavy Room Tone.

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