Description: Aircraft Hangar, W Tool Activity, Light Walla, Whistling.

Description: Airport Temporary Loading Zone: Exterior; “loading Zone” Announcements, Male And Female Announcers. Bus And Car Traffic, Voices, Rolling Baggage Carts, Distant Jet Overhead. Medium Perspective.

Description: Bus Station - Walla With Traffic, Bus, Etc.

Description: New York Airport, Multi-language Walla During Wait For International Flight, Local Gate Pa.

Description: Passenger jet taxis onto runway and takes off. Planes, Aircraft Tarmac. Airport Jet, Passenger.

Description: Airport lobby, not busy increasing to busy ( British Airways Terminal, J.F.K.).

Description: Airport lobby, crowded, footsteps, voices, fairly indistinct p.a., ( Terminal 4, Heathrow, London.

Description: Passenger arrival area, hand carts & traffic ( Terminal 4, Heathrow, London).

Description: Airport lobby, close to check - ins ( British Airways Terminal J.F.K ).

Description: P.a. Announcement And Airport Traffic And Brake Squeals.

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