Description: TRAFFIC BIG CITY: EXT B/G: Heavy traffic jam.

Description: Traffic Jam; Many Car Horns Sound.

Description: New York City Traffic, Fast Car Bys, Horn.

Description: Traffic, City Street, With Footsteps And Voices On Sidewalk.

Description: Park Atmosphere; Very Quiet Town Park. Distant Traffic. Light Birds.

Description: Distant Siren In City Traffic. Starts As Whooper Then Changes To Wailer. Close Traffic Ambience.

Description: Heavy Traffic Jam, Distant Sirens, Car Bys, Distant Helicopter Rumble, Horns.

Description: Wide Perspective Exterior High School Ambience With Kids In Hallways; Reverberant Walla, Doors Open And Close, Locker Slams. Not Very Crowded. Distant Traffic Roar, Medium Car By.

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