Description: Shore Ambience: Medium-sized Waves Run Whitewash And Splash Onto Beach.

Description: Large Department Store Ambience With Medium To Close Salespeople Walla; Female Offering A Makeover, Male Offering A Free Gift, Female Selling Mascara, Female Selling New Shaver. General Busy Walla.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS DEPT. STORE: Crowds in department store, footsteps.

Description: Shore Ambience: Waves Lapping Against Shore.

Description: Large Office Or Government Building Interior. Close Computer Printer, Loud Reverberated Walla Medium Distant, Some Sparse Close Dialogue. Sounds Like Many People Waiting For Bureaucratic Service.

Description: Large Crowd Of Pedestrians By, Steady Stream Towards Mic. Exterior But Enclosed Area For Bouncy, Cement Sound. Footsteps, Walla, And Movement Close To Medium. Distant Horn Honks Are The Only Track.

Description: Shopping Mall Ambience; Footsteps, Especially Heels By Close. Walla In Large Area But Light Some Close As People Walk By. A Few Electronic Beeps, Phone Rings, And Cash Register Sounds From Stores.

Description: Large Department Store Ambience, Very Busy. Mostly Female Walla Close To Distant. Some Close Salespeople But Primarily General Walla, Footsteps, Bag Movement. Medium Cash Register, A Few Phone.

Description: Low Angle Version Of Track 1002-05; Large Crowd Of Pedestrians In Exterior But Enclosed Area With Emphasis On Footsteps, Shoe Scuffs, Etc. Walla Close To Medium, Very Busy. A Few Distant Horn Hon.

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