Description: Exterior Large Crowd Of Pedestrians, Mid-crowd Point-of-view As We Walk Down Cement Stairs. Footsteps, Walla, Movement.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS MERCHANT: Diamond merchant, busier and noisier.

Description: CROWD -STORES AND HALLS DEPT STORE: Macy`s, paging bell with background noise.

Description: NY Metropolitan Art Center Ambience Looped.

Description: Large Interior Room Ambience, W Distant Light Walla, Footsteps.

Description: Small Department Store Ambience, Lighter Than Previous Tracks. Walla And Footsteps Medium A Few Phone Rings, Cash Register Printer. Child Footsteps Run By Close.

Description: Pet Store Interior W Birds Chirping Very Cu And Parakeet Chirping Excitedly.

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