Description: Museum / Art Gallery - Group Murmur, Reverberant.

Description: Hotel Lobby, Reverberant With Activity, Light Walla And Occasional Phone Rings.

Description: Hallway - Distant Voices & Phones / Quiet Lobby.

Description: Exterior Large Crowd Of Pedestrians, Mid-crowd Point-of-view As We Walk Down Cement Stairs. Footsteps, Walla, Movement.

Description: Hotel Reception; Hotel Reception Area. Busy Chatter.

Description: Museum Interior, Medium Perspective Art Tour Lecture ( Female ) . Distant Walla Roar, Footsteps And Movement Close.

Description: Huge Marble Interior Lobby, Museum. Busy Walla Roar Distant With Some Close Footsteps By. A Few Phone Rings Medium. Less Echoes, More Homogeneous Than Track 1010-24. No Elevator Bells.

Description: Large Office Or Government Building Interior. Close Computer Printer, Loud Reverberated Walla Medium Distant, Some Sparse Close Dialogue. Sounds Like Many People Waiting For Bureaucratic Service.

Description: Street Ambience, W Light Walla, Footsteps On Concrete, City Traffic Background.

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