Description: Jungle Ambience [special Mix]; Exotic Bird Background With Calls, Monkey Screams, And Insects; Very Active.

Description: Mountain Ambience; Insects In Close Perspective. Coyote, Dog, Frog And Crickets In Background.

Description: Night Ambience 4; Calm, Distant Bed Of High-pitched Crickets Hum And Buzz, With A Single, Sporadic Cricket; Close Perspective. [note This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].

Description: Night Ambience 5; Large Bed Of High-pitched And Mid-range Crickets And Insects Loud Hum And Rhythmic Chirps, Medium Perspective; Active.

Description: Geese And Ducks In Pond, Medium Distant Perspective; Very Active.

Description: Exotic Rain Forest [special Mix]; Insects Chirp Close To Medium Perspective. Intermittent Unusual Bird And Gorilla Calls With Some Echo Medium To Distant Perspective. Small River Is Babbling Close P.

Description: Jungle Ambience With Medium Perspective Bird Chirps, Distant Exotic Bird Calls, Medium Perspective Cricket Buzz And Close Perspective Insects Flying Past Mic.

Description: Night Jungle Ambience 2; Distant, High-pitched Insects And Crickets; Calm.

Description: Jungle Ambience With Close Perspective Bird Chirps And Distant Crickets And Cicadas.

Description: Jungle Ambience With Various Medium And Close Perspective Bird Calls With Light Wind Through Trees. Flying Insect Circles Mic On Two Separate Occasions, Medium Close Perspective.

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