Description: Light Breeze, Leaves Blowing And Birds Chirping.

Description: Night Jungle Ambience 1; Unusual Bird Calls Medium And Distant Perspectives. Insect Swells Close Perspective; Very Active.

Description: Forest Day Atmosphere- Various Birds Song, Crickets,.

Description: Night Ambience 3; Light And Calm Mid-range Crickets Rhythmic Chirps, Close To Distant Perspective. [note; This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].

Description: Jungle Atmosphere; Rain Forest Atmosphere New Zealand. Light Bird Calls With Rain Droplets.

Description: ANIMALS-JUNGLE BGS SWAMP: Adult & juvenile bullfrog calls, plops, flies, peepers, crow caws, water and frog background.

Description: Night Ambience 2; Heavy Bed Of Mid-range And High-pitched Crickets Hum And Chirp, Close Perspective; Active.

Description: Jungle Atmosphere; South American Rain Forest Atmosphere. Lazy Mixed Bird Calls With General Background Ambiance.

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