Description: African Animals With Crickets In Background.

Description: Quiet amazon jungle with exotic bird, Misahualli, Ecuador.

Description: Synthesized Jungle Background; High Frequency Bird Beeps And Low Frequency Robot Frogs With Oscillating Bubble Type Effect.

Description: ANIMALS-JUNGLE BGS RAIN FOREST: Close up small frog, water dripping onto leaves, single cricket in background, La Selva, Costa Rica.

Description: Amazon jungle with insects & chirpy exotic bird, Misahualli, Ecuador.

Description: Jungle Atmosphere; South American Rain Forest Atmosphere With Long Shot Bird Calls.

Description: ANIMALS-JUNGLE BGS SWAMP: Busy, distant and close-up frog calls, peepers, water trickle, close up plops into water, night.

Description: Jungle Atmosphere; Night Atmosphere Amazon Rain Forest. Medium Busy Cicadas And Crickets.

Description: Jungle Atmosphere; Atmosphere In The Bush Near A Waterfall. Plenty Of Sizzling Insects. Waterfall Is In Long Shot.

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