Description: Forest Ambience 1; Happy Light Bird Chirps / Calls Medium Distant. Flies Buzz By.

Description: Light Breeze, Leaves Blowing And Birds Chirping.

Description: Jungle Ambience With Close Perspective Bird Chirps And Distant Crickets And Cicadas.

Description: African Ambience - Birds, Insects, Etc.

Description: Rain forest Ambience With Sporadic Distant Bird Chirps In Heavy Rain with Distant Thunder.

Description: Night Ambience 4; Calm, Distant Bed Of High-pitched Crickets Hum And Buzz, With A Single, Sporadic Cricket; Close Perspective. [note This Effect Has A Lot Of Out Of Phase In It.].

Description: Rain forest Nighttime With Medium Perspective Chirping Birds, Distant Exotic Bird Calls And Crickets With Occasional Medium Perspective Insect Fly By.

Description: Night Ambience 1; Light, High-pitched Crickets Rhythmic Chirps And Occasional Insects Buzz Medium Close Perspective. Dogs Bark And Traffic Distant Perspective.

Description: Jungle Ambience With Medium Perspective Bird Chirps, Distant Exotic Bird Calls, Medium Perspective Cricket Buzz And Close Perspective Insects Flying Past Mic.

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