Description: City Sidewalk Walla, Medium Perspective Group Of Black Males Hanging Out, Laughing. Traffic Ambience Medium Close To Distant With Busses By Pedestrian Footsteps. Boy Cries At Tail.

Description: Small City Park, Close Perspective, Very Busy. Walla Close To Medium With Parents And Children Strollers By, Footsteps On Asphalt Path. Kids Yell And Play. Could Play For Zoo, Family Amusement.

Description: Street Walla - Busy New York City Street.

Description: Very Busy Sidewalk Or Open Street With Pedestrian Walla And Footsteps By Close To Medium. Light Traffic, A Few Horn Honks, Medium Perspective Construction Clunks.

Description: Male Group Walla With Street Ambience; Blue Collar Workers, Close To Medium Perspective. Background Traffic Ambience; Sparse Honks, Bus Air Brake Hisses, Movement.

Description: Ambience: City Sidewalk with Rain, Light Traffic And Light Walla.

Description: Street Walla - Light Street Activity.

Description: Steady rain falls on porch with loud drips hitting concrete. Weather, Rain.

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