Description: Prostitute, Black Female, Flirts From The Sidewalk 12 Feet Away. Distant Traffic Roar.

Description: Very Busy Sidewalk Or Open Street With Pedestrian Walla And Footsteps By Close To Medium. Light Traffic, A Few Horn Honks, Medium Perspective Construction Clunks.

Description: Street Walla - Light Street Activity.

Description: Bums Laugh, Walla, Close To Medium, Two Old Men. Street Ambience, Traffic Roar Medium With Doors Open And Close, Footsteps, And Child Laughs.

Description: Water drains onto pavement from fire hydrant. Water, Flowing Gushing, Water Running, Water.

Description: Male Group Walla With Street Ambience; Blue Collar Workers, Close To Medium Perspective. Background Traffic Ambience; Sparse Honks, Bus Air Brake Hisses, Movement.

Description: City Sidewalk Walla, Medium Perspective Group Of Black Males Hanging Out, Laughing. Traffic Ambience Medium Close To Distant With Busses By Pedestrian Footsteps. Boy Cries At Tail.

Description: Crickets and bugs chirp as vehicles pass by in background. Insect, Crickets Chirping, Night Night, Bugs.

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