Description: Windmill Electric Generating Group; Steady Distant.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Turns On. Quick Rise In Hum With Whirl And Metal Squeaks, Run. Small Click, Turn Off, Wind-down With Squeaks And Small Clanks, Buzz In Background. Close-up.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Hum Constant With Distant Metal Drops And Low Rumble Noise. Medium.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine On With Low Creaks, Stresses. Hum Rises In Tone As Before With Squeaky Shift In Speed. Rubber Squeak And Stress While Running. Turn Off, Slows With Rubber Squeaks Constants. Close-up.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Switches On, Low Hum With Small Metal Knocking—false Start. Second Switch On, Hum With Low Frequency Wind-down. Constant Hum And Buzz With Low Whirling And Squeaks. Shuts Off With Squeaks, Hum Out Squeaks And Knocks Only. Clos.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Switches On With High-pitched Metal Squeaks And Clicks, Runs, Hum In Background, Loud Switch Off, Slow Wind-down. Medium, Some Echo.

Description: Floor Buffer Motor, Cu Perspective, W Light Buzzing.

Description: Coins Into Vending Machine, W Handle Pull And Mechanical Activity.

Description: Shop vacuum sucking up wood particles on table. Industrial, Vacuum Vacuum, Industrial Motor, Vacuum.

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