Description: Light Construction, Distant; Busy Hammering Power Saw, Wood Movement, And Sparse Walla. Medium Distant Traffic Drone With A Few Horn Honks. Big Truck In, Stop With Air Brakes, Idle And Away,.

Description: Jack Hammer, Medium Perspective With City Reverberation. Traffic With A Few Honks Medium Distant. Steady Jack Hammer With Only Very Short Pauses.

Description: Indistinct Factory Floor Ambience- No Vox Whining Machinery.

Description: Industrial Boiler Room Ambience, With 1000 Gallon Boiler.

Description: Low Frequency Factory Ambience, Indistinct, No Vox.

Description: Semi-distant Power Generating Plant, Night-time.

Description: Dark Factory Ambience, Reverent Distant Machines And Impacts.

Description: Construction Site Atmosphere; Atmosphere From Top Of Construction Site. Building Activity With Traffic Background.

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