Description: Industrial Laundry Facility, W General Roar, High Air Pressure Release, Laundry Press, Light Activity.

Description: Construction Site Street Repair Ambience.

Description: Steel Mill Background; Steel Mill Ambience; Motor / Fan Noise, Chain Noise, Distant Clanks, Squeaks, Medium Perspective.

Description: Warehouse Background 4; Warehouse Ambience; Fan / Motor Noise / Metallic Clanks / Air Release / Worker Walla / Backup Beeps, Medium To Distant Perspective.

Description: Construction Site Ambience 3; City, Distant Perspective. Busy With Hammers, Power Saw Lumber Movement, Dump Truck Maneuvers, Traffic Drone With A Few Honks.

Description: Machine Hum Interior Guri Dam, Hum, Hammering and Work.

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