Description: Assembly Line Ambience; Close Perspective Machinery Hum With Medium To Distant Voices, Air Hisses, Metal Movement And Change In Machinery Noise.

Description: Industrial Factory Ambience, W Grinder, Tools Banging, Air Rush Hiss.

Description: Construction Site Atmosphere; Construction Site Atmosphere. Mid Shot Rivet Gun With Banging And Traffic Background.

Description: Construction Background 2; Construction Ambience; In Foreground -jackhammer, Truck Movement / Backing Up, Metallic Squeaks. In Background -saws, Hammering, Trucks, Close To Distant Perspective.

Description: Saw Mill Ambience; Power Saw Cuts Logs, Engine Noise, Logs Banging Together.

Description: Workers Mending Cobbled Street; Men Hammering Cobbled Stone Into Place In Slightly Echoey Street, Some Chatter.

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