Description: Electric Motor; Large ( Various ); Large Electric Motors Various. Take 1 Medium Weight Quick Start, Long Run And Stop. Repeats.

Description: Industrial Machine Compressor x3.

Description: Electric Motor; Small; Small Electric Motor Buzzes Also Ticking Over.

Description: MACHINES - CONSTRUCTION & FACTORY GENERATOR: INT: Motor idle, low high end whistle, movement towards end.

Description: Hydraulic Brakes Loop Engineering Compression.

Description: Hydraulic Notch Meter Small; Wind Down.

Description: Ambiance, Machine; Rickety Humming Machine Starts Up Runs And Dies Down, Ending With A Very Different Light Subterranean Watery Atmosphere.

Description: Hydraulic Notcher Meter Clunk On and Loop.

Description: Hydraulic Notcher Meter Clunk On, Run, Wind Down.

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