Description: DINING - KITCHENS & EATING CELERY: INT: Bite into celery & chew.

Description: DINING - KITCHENS & EATING APPLE: INT: Single detailed bite into an apple.

Description: Mealtime, clinking plates, cutlery and glasses.

Description: Bite And Chew Apple With Close, Wet Crunches, #3: Some Vocal With Bite, X3.

Description: Eating Cereal Close Up. Milk Slurps And Crunchy Chewing With Some Spoon Clinks.

Description: Wine Bottle Pop Cork; Pop Cork From Bottle Fast. Close Perspective.

Description: Sip From Paper Cup; Sip Drink And Put Down Paper Cup. - Sipping Liquid.

Description: Lick Fingers; Licking Or Sucking Fingers. - Sucking.

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