Description: Screen Door Openings, Rattles, General Movement, Hands On Screen Material, Medium Cu.

Description: Machine, Grind; Begins with Water Drips And Faucet Running, A Grinder Starts Up Runs, Then, Suddenly Kicks Into An Intense Mega Whirring Grind, Winds Down To Light Faucet, Water Down Drain And Drips ( Garbage Disposal On / Run / Off ).

Description: Ironing Cloth Close-up 1.

Description: Garbage Disposal Looped Spoon Jamming.

Description: Garbage Disposal Spoon Jammed While On.

Description: Garbage Disposal 2; Turn On And Grind With Running Water, Then Turn Off.

Description: Garbage Disposal 3; Water Running Then Disposal Turn On And Off, With Drain At Tail.

Description: Hand Wash 2; Soapy Hands Rubbing Together Occasionally Dipping Into Water. Close Perspective.

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