Description: Shovel Dig Gravel; Digs With Shovel Into Dirt / Rocks - Fling Away With Some Metal Ring And Debris Falling. Medium.

Description: Shovel Throw Dirt; Single Shovel Dig And Toss Out Dirt / Debris With Metal Ring At End. Close-up.

Description: Shovel Dig Gravel; Metal Digs Into Gravel / Dirt—small Rock, Debris Falling. Shovel Scoops With Metal Ringing As It Is Slung Away. Medium.

Description: Shovel Dig Dirt; Fast Digging Of Dirt With Light Metal Ring And Small Fly Buzz By. Close-up.

Description: Shovel Dig Dirt; Slow Digs Of Shovel Into Dirt—slower Toned, Bigger Digs And Slower Debris Fall Drop Into Metal Container —some Metal Ring, Loud Crunching On Impact. Close-up.

Description: Shovel Dig Dirt; Shovel Into Dirt With Scraping Sound And Debris. Small Metal Ring Of Shovel Flinging Away Debris And Dropping Debris Onto Ground.

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