Description: Pneumatic Drill Spurts, Medium Perspective, W Compressor.

Description: Diesel Drill; Mechanical Slow Start-up With Metallic Rolls And Clanks. Small Backfiring And Cycling Of Drill With Chain Spins And Clanks—starts-up, Runs Slow, And Whines Down. Close-up.

Description: Drill Electric Broken; On, Straining Modulating Grinds As It Drills, Off.

Description: Drill Press Broken; On, Labors And Strains While Drilling Wood, Off, Ambient.

Description: Electric Drill; Electric Drill Start, Run And Switch Off.

Description: Drill; Diamond; Diamond Drill. Heavy Ratchet Noise.

Description: Drill; Pneumatic; Pneumatic Drill. One Burst With Heavy Background.

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