Description: Loom; Hand Loom Running. Fast Ratchet Noise.

Description: Manual Water Pump; Water Pump Cranked, Water Starts To Flow And Splatter Into Stone Horse Trough, Then Stop - Distant Yelping Puppy After Stop On Fade.

Description: Pile Driver 1; Rhythmic Impacts Medium Perspective With Slap back Echo Off Of Buildings.

Description: Grinding Wheel; Hand Turned Grinding Wheel. Squeaks And Creaks, Then Pouring Water Over Stone And Sharpening.

Description: Motorized Shop Tool, Lathe; Turn On, Steady And Off With Wind Down.

Description: Lathe, Motorized, Turn On, Wind Up, Steady with Metallic Rattling, Off with Short Wind Down.

Description: Loom; Loom Running. Could Also Work For Printing Machine.

Description: MACHINES - CONSTRUCTION & FACTORY DIESEL COMPRESSOR: INT: Motor idle, slight hiss to mechanism.

Description: MACHINES - CONSTRUCTION & FACTORY AIR COMPRESSOR: EXT: Motor, constant run, medium distant.

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