Description: Water Pump; Water Pump. Hand Type.

Description: Ratchet wrench tightens bolts. Tools, Hand Wrench, Clicking.

Description: Loom; Hand Loom Running. Fast Ratchet Noise.

Description: Loom; Hand Loom Running. Shifts And Bangs.

Description: Wood being sanded by hand. Tools, Hand Wood, Sanding Carpentry, Build.

Description: Metal, Grind; Turning Grinding Metal Against Coffee Beans.

Description: Manual Water Pump; Water Pump Cranked, Water Starts To Flow And Splatter Into Stone Horse Trough, Then Stop - Distant Yelping Puppy After Stop On Fade.

Description: MACHINES - CONSTRUCTION & FACTORY MULE: EXT: Panama canal mule, engine & air compressor runs & stops.

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