Description: Silverware, Dumped Into Dish-filled Sink, Water Faucet, Dishes.

Description: Eggs On Griddle; Egg Crack And Open Onto Griddle With Medium Sizzle, Spits And Bubbles. Flip Egg Over With Light Metal Spatula Movement Scrapping Up Egg And Sliding It Onto Plate—ight Metallic Taps. Close-up.

Description: Eggs On Griddle; Three Taps To Open Egg Onto Griddle With Spits, Sizzling And Bubbles—turn Over Egg With More Light Sizzles. Close-up.

Description: Bacon Frying In Pan, Good Sizzle and Pops.

Description: French Fries Dropped Into Hot Grease And Sizzle.

Description: Hamburgers Fry On Grill With Spatula Hits.

Description: Meat Placed Down Into Hot Grease And Sizzle.

Description: Water Hits Hot Pan And Sizzles Some Grease Bubbles And Hiss.

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