Description: Clock Electric Old 3; Steady Grinding Run, Close Perspective.

Description: Ticking; Electronic Scratching In A Tick-tock Motion.

Description: Mantel Clock; Chime; Mantel Clock Strikes 12- Standard Musical Chime Series Into Strikes With Mechanical Clock Winding Movement Followed By A Short Series Of Tick Tocks. Close Perspective.

Description: Clock; Tick; Series Of Hollow Tick Tocks. Close Perspective.

Description: Clock 1, 17th Century, Ticks; 17th Century Wooden Czech Folk Clock, Wooden Internal Mechanism, Ticks Constant.

Description: Clock 4, Bozak 1823 Ticks; Czech Bozak Wall Clock, Dated 1823, Ticks Constant, Light Brass Mechanism.

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