Description: Bull Whip Crack 1; With Swish.

Description: Grenade Pin Pulled, Tossed In Air, Hitting Metal Surface And Rolling, Explosion.

Description: Tear Gas Canister Hits Metal Floor And Rolls, X2.

Description: Hanging Rope, Elements X 3; ( 1 ) Rope Swish; ( 2 ) Rope Tenses; ( 3 ) Rope Swing-creaks.

Description: Whip Lashes, Multiple; Fast Multiple Whip Swishes And Reverberant Cracks. - Air Swish.

Description: Sword Shing 4; Sword Runs Against Each Other.

Description: Tomahawk: Scalping Sequence; Quick Shing Of Scalp Cut Followed By A Rip And Blood Drips. Close Perspective. Ax, Hatchet.

Description: Claymore Antipersonnel Mine; One Sharp Low Blast With Echo Roll Off And Debris Fall At Tail. Close Up Perspective. Explosion.

Description: Missile Launch and Cruise.

Description: Gun Fire Variety 7 Shots.

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