Description: War Background, Guns, Soldiers Yelling [special Mix].

Description: Shotgun Fire Various 5 Shots.

Description: Logs Splitting With Ax x8.

Description: Whip Whooshes, Mix; Multiple Fast Light Whip Swishes Building To Cracks Against Ground, Exterior. - Air Swish.

Description: Radar system being rotated. Satellite, Communication Intel, Tracking Military Equipment.

Description: WEAPONS - VARIOUS BATTLE SCENE: EXT: Very busy & destructive battle, many guns, ricochets, bomb drops & explosions.

Description: WEAPONS - VARIOUS MISSILE: EXT: Missiles dragon missile, crew set up, fire, long tracking ‘pops’ cheers, explosion, crew moves out.

Description: Torpedo Jet By.

Description: Torpedo Jet By.

Description: Torpedo Jet By.

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