Description: Guillotine Sequence And Elements; ( 1 ) Guillotine Decapitation Sequence; ( 2 ) Lever Releases Blade, Blade Slides Down; ( 3 ) Blade Impact.

Description: Sword Draws, Heavy; Sword Pull From Sheath With Metallic Scrape, Leather Creak, And Shing. - Metal Scrape.

Description: Sword Draw From Sheath, Heavy 02; Draw Sword From Sheath With Whoosh And Shing. - Metal Shing.

Description: Sword Clangs 02; Swords Touch Light Metal Scrape With Light Ring Out. - Metal Clank.

Description: Sword Whooshes, Light; Single Sword Light Whoosh With Clank And High Pitched Ring Out. - Swish.

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