Description: Shell Casings: .50 Caliber Shell Casings Dropped And Kicked Around Pbr Deck. Dual.

Description: Metal, Ricochets; Springy Metal Bounces And Echoes Reverberant Metallic Zings ( Bouncing Slinky ).

Description: Multiple Single Bullet Ricochets; Many Awesome Ricochets And Bullet Whiz Bys, Some With Impact Or Debris Fall. Close Up Panned And Doppler Bys. Gunshots.

Description: .50 Caliber: Bullet Impacts From Distant Firing. Stereo.

Description: Bullet Drops To Wood ( 7x ); Series Of Bullet Drops To Wood Floor With Resulting Bounces And Rolls. Close Up Perspective. Guns.

Description: Bullet Drops To Brick ( 8x ); Series Of Bullet Drops To Brick Surface. Several Single Drops Followed By A Multiple Drop. Close Up Perspective. Guns.

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