Description: 2 Armies Clash; 1000 Men Charge And Engage In Hand To Hand Combat, With Yells, Death Cries And Weapons Clashing.

Description: Artillery Battle Background; Somewhat Distant Artillery Launches. Shells Can Be Heard Soaring Above And Some Large Medium Close Explosions As Shells Land. Great For Incoming Artillery Fire.

Description: Artillery Battle Background; Intense Close Up And Distant Heavy Caliber Machine Gun Fire Throughout With Occasional Artillery Launch And An Explosion At The End. Great Battle Scene.

Description: Battle Scene: Rapid Musket Fire; Extremely Heavy Musket And Cannon Fire And Black Powder Explosions. Constant Soldier Yells In Background. Lots Of Action. Medium Perspective. Gunshots.

Description: Arms Drills; Commander Calls, “company Attention”. Troops Respond With Count Off. Commander Proceeds To Call Various Arms Drill Commands And Soldiers Reply In-sync With Count And / Or Rifle Movement.

Description: Police Training: Drill Sergeant Orders Cadets, Outdoors.

Description: Platoon, Marching On Pavement W Rifle Positioning, Adjustment Sounds.

Description: Troop Activity: Military Air Base. Distant Propeller Plane Fly By, Overhead. Stereo.

Description: Troop Activity: Military Air Base. Medium Close-up Propeller Plane Flyby Overhead. Stereo.

Description: Troop Activity: Military Air Base. Tarmac Ambience With Medium Close-up Activity. Stereo.

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